Vincent Patricola


For just over 30 years, Vincent Patricola has been playing music for people. He currently has four weekly vinyl residencies in Detroit and publishes Detroit Electronic Quarterly (DEQ) music magazine ( which he started in 2005. He has worked at two highly regarded record stores in the dance world: Record Time Ferndale 2001-2008 and Dope Jams NYC 2009-11.

Patricola has been a Detroiter since 1989 and a music lover throughout his life with influences (in the early 80s) ranging from college radio stations in his hometown Buffalo, New York to dance radio stations across Lake Erie in Toronto, Canada and of course the beginnings of MTV. This music he was discovering (early hip hop, old funk & jazz, classic r&b, boogie, disco “alternative”, reggae & world music) won his heart.

In 1995, when he walked into the dance room for the first time at Record Time in Roseville and heard Mike Huckaby play Carl Craig’s “The Climax,” he knew it was taste of vinyl culture that would change his life’s direction for good.