So what's in a name? When you look at the name Soul Goodman, you probably think that he is a jewish lawyer. In this case you would only be half right. You probably picked the wrong half however. This lawyer turned musician decided to combine his piano and violin playing youth with his adult love of underground house and techno to deliver a musical taste and style that reflects his Detroit grassroots as well as influences from around the world.

In just a few short years Soul Goodman has grown and expanded his footprint in the music industry enough to be invited to play festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Untold Festival, and Charivari Detroit Music Festival. The resume doesn't end here however, Soul Goodman has also manned the decks of some of the top underground venues in the USA in Detroit, Chicago, Miami, New York and internationally in Mexico, Canada, Romania and his native Lebanon. His latest releases have charted in the top 100 in their respective genres on Beatport with his most successful release "Deep Dark Blue" reaching #1 in October of 2017. This journey has led him to places never imagined, and it has only just begun.