Real and raw from the Motor City, Scan7 began making a name for themselves back in 1992. Lead by the first original member Lou Robinson (aka Trackmasta Lou), Scan7 became the mysterious pioneers of techno who never showed their faces while performing or for the media.

In 1993, the “Introducing Scan7” EP was released by the Underground Resistance label, and in the year 2000, they performed their first live act, closing out the Detroit Electronic Music Festival’s Underground Stage. This live Performance included, DJ Red Line Black Tony, Nuff, and Trackmasta Lou. Special artists like Vernell Shelton, Maurice Elohim King R.I.P., DJ Deep, Agent Kedi, Tatem, Ghost, and One of 7 (the first female member) have joined the group for other appearances and studio recordings.

The newest member of Scan7, Mr. Hooper currently tours and produces with Trackmasta Lou around the world. Also, from the Motor City, Mr. Hooper, began playing piano at the age of 6. Around the age of 17, he was introduced to the Detroit Techno scene and the group Scan7. After a few years of submitting material, he was finally accepted as an official member. In 2005, Scan7’s premier vocalist WysPurr (spoken word poet/artist of Detroit) made her debut on the track titled "The Resistance.” Her one of a kind voice was later featured once again on the Scan7 hit “No Place Like Home."

A bit of meaning behind the name: The definition of the word SCAN is to verify and look at closely. The number 7 is symbolic for the seven letters in the word DETROIT. And the sum of the numbers 313, (the Detroit area code) is also 7. The seventh letter of the alphabet, G, represents God the creator, and one’s spiritual side. In their music, you can hear the heavy influences of praising the Lord and growing up in the Black Church. The sound is like no other, combining spirituality with authentic deep dark techno. This full musical package also includes Gospel, House, Trance, and Experimental tracks.

With many releases, Scan7 has worked with labels such as Tresor, Elypsia, BTRAX, Wallshaker Muzik, F Communications, DETROIT UNDERGROUND, and Cratesavers International. In 2019 Mr. Hooper and Trackmasta Lou came up with fresh music on KMS Records with Kevin Sanderson. Shortly after, they released their latest album “Between Worlds" on Deeptrax