If you want to arrive with a bang, you can’t do much better than Rebūke. A project forged in the white-hot atmospheres of the Irish underground club and rave scene has ushered in the most exciting new artist in years. A DJ and producer creating something new and genuinely exciting. A soundclash of house, techno and rave (yes, rave) records from the early 90’s melded together to create that elusive thing - an original sound of his own.

His Rebūke/rave series caused a major stir with reimagined versions of rave era classics such as ‘Bombscare’ and ‘The Tape’, gaining glowing reviews from A list DJs. It led directly to an official remix of Xpansions ‘Move Your Body’ on Shadow Child’s Food Music, again play listed across the board on Radio 1 and charting highly on Beatport.

Describing his sound itself is pretty easy for Rebūke. “I love house, techno, and old rave records. I’ve got a deep, almost obsessional interest in the Italian, Belgian and UK records from the early 90's and I try to bring that into my productions. It’s really about capturing the dirt and energy of the records of that time and fusing it with modern house and techno that I love too. That’s definitely what appeals to me.”

His DJ career has exploded along similar lines. Already a headline star in his native Ireland he’s put in roof shaking performances at the likes of Techworks (Cork) BD Festival (Wicklow) with forthcoming appearances at Techworks (Cork) and Life Festival (Meath). Club appearances at D8 Dublin, Shine Belfast and support slots for the likes of the Chemical Brothers and Deadmau5 have cemented him as one of the most bankable names in Ireland.

And the name Rebūke? ‘Well it’s a play on words on my real name which I really liked’ says the man himself. ‘But it also means ‘to intend to correct a fault’ which appealed to me too because I was getting bored with all the same old tech house I was hearing. I thought it was time to do something about that.’ he laughs.

It’s fair to say Rebūke is doing something about it...