Known as the Silent Warrior of the deep and funky sound of dance music, Norm Talley has slowly yet steadily become a staple in the ears of dancefloor addicts Worldwide. Consistency would be an understatement. Talley shares a history as part of the West 6 Mile Detroit breed that came of age during the last days of Disco, and spent his teen years reveling in the New Age that was the early 1980s.He was an active member in the movement that was Electronic Music in Detroit. Norm’s roots remain in Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Disco – rendering his DJ style one of deep house,soulful, vocal melodies laced over infectious percussion, and those undeniable bass lines -with the occasional Afrobeat rhythm of course.

Norms future projects for 2019 include releases on FXHE, People Of Earth, Frole, Bass Culture, Suddwax, Out The Box, Detroit Vinyl Room, Roundabout Sounds, Motor City Wine Recordings and Upstairs Asylum Recordings along with a host of DJ tour dates nationally and internationally. See, the thing is, the Silent Warrior may have infected a dancefloor near you, and you didn’t even know it was him, because – well, because he’s not really a talker… he’s a maestro.