Nina Kraviz


Nina Kraviz is a famous Russian dentist. She hung up her drill some time ago to collect records, make music and travel the world. Her career is so varied that it’s hard to define a particular Kraviz sound: for her it’s the passion, the spirit, the immediacy of the music she plays and artists she champions. Her first artist album was the self-titled 'Nina Kraviz' and she has two expansive, extraordinary mix CDs under her belt for fabric and DJ Kicks. In the last few years she’s focused on releasing her music and that of her fellow travellers on her two labels трип and Galaxiid. The DIY spirit of the labels manifests at small intimate raves in unusual locations around the globe, and occasionally on trip’s to the moon. These трип parties are an antidote to her regular performances at the worlds most revered festivals and clubs. She prefers the personal over the impersonal, conveying the many facets of her musical passions on the radio and often giving talks for students from all walks of life. She likes her burger medium rare, her wine red, her sweatshirts roomy and her tea hot.