Lady Starlight - LIVE


Lady Starlight (b. Colleen Martin, 1975) is an American DJ and performance artist, whose keen focus on authentic communication has made her one of the more original and colorful artists to be active in multiple media. True to her namesake, she has followed her own star by choosing to integrate a number of different influences - performance / body art, progressive rock and metal, and electronic dance music - into a single eclectic, but coherent, personality.

Fans of Lady Gaga will know Lady Starlight as the opening performer for three of GaGa’s world tours, including the acclaimed 2014 ArtRave tour. While many performers would have used this as an opportunity for personal gain alone, Lady Starlight utilized it as a chance to preach the gospel of techno to the unconverted; bringing it to a fresh audience who may not have found it otherwise. Her sets for these tours were carried out with a full hardware setup(rather than the expected laptop / turntable DJ configuration), and served as a kind of “edu-tainment” initiative when taking to the mic and bringing attention to the most fruitful branches of techno’s family tree (a who's-who including Jeff Mills, Mike Banks, Steve Stoll, Joey Beltram and many others).

In a short time Lady Starlight has created a signature sound that hasn’t gone unnoticed: her raw, direct and hard-driving style have in fact caught the fear of Figure label boss Len Faki (on which label she has been a semi-regular since 2018), and she has also been fully integrated into the roster of other forward-thinking labels like Stroboscopic Artefacts and Benny Rodrigues Noventa. In spite of the significant accomplishments in these fields, it is her techno endeavors that have recently garnered the most attention, with her activities increasingly documented by online and printed media outlets like DJ Times,FACT, Resident Advisor and Electronic Beats, as well as book-length projects like the Patch & Tweak anthology of modular synthesis.