If you havent heard directly of John Acquaviva’s works, the chances are - whatever your involvement with electronic music is - that you will be aware of his work and influence within the electronic music community. The Italian-Canadian artist may be best known for his involvement with the techno titan Richie Hawtin, and the forming of the highly influential labels Plus 8 Recordings and DEFINITIVE recordings, however his influence and reach extends in swathes beyond these considered pillars of dance music culture.

In 1990, Acquaviva and Hawtin co-founded Plus 8 Records, which capitalised on minimal releases from Cybersonik, Speedy J, Kenny Larkin and Plastikman. It wasn’t until 1993, however, that the pair began to truly embrace their passions for house music by dishing up a second imprint – DEFINITIVE Records. An imprint that was later re-launched in 2005 inspired by the uprising of Beatport and the new future of music distribution. Defined by a more progressive and tech house sound from such luminaries as Olivier Giacomotto, the imprint marked the beginning of John’s unparalleled taste as a global powerhouse and exemplar in dance music. Still releasing music to this day, DEFINITIVE has gone on to be one of the most iconic labels in dance music history.

Today, Acquaviva proudly upholds the titles of zealous vinyl collector, insatiable entrepreneur, executive film producer and label owner. Yet above all, John Acquaviva is the quintessential performer at heart. Last year saw John perform an impressive 7 hour set alongside Daniel Miller at the world renowned Berghain nightclub in Berlin, while also curating the soundtrack for the emotional closing event at Space Ibiza. As he looks ahead to 2017, there ’s no telling what evolution John Acquaviva will pull from his sleeve next!