Drawing on inspiration from their respective backgrounds, this duo creates a hyper-sexualized style of four-on-the-floor that’s heavily influenced by Chicago and Detroit’s underground society. The two live in the pounding cadence of ghetto house, with their multifaceted approach paying homage to the classic jacking sounds of house and techno while pioneering the future of it. Originating in 2014, Gettoblaster quickly pushed their way towards the front of the underground thanks to their signature grooves. Their ingenuity restored the vintage themes of club music from the 80s and 90s and gave them a modern finesse. They were able to showcase this and the broad range of their artistry in 2015 with their debut LP Diamonds & Palm Trees. Not only did it show their aptitude for house rhythms, but the LP also brandished Gettoblaster’s knowledge of the definitive house footwork sound that has inspired their crate. With basslines that always drive the rhythm and lyrics that would make any matriarch blush, Diamonds & Palm Trees earned the respect of many industry greats- it’s no wonder Roger Sanchez named them as “ones to watch” shortly after the album was released

The duo has shot up to being one of the most in-demand House Music artists in 2019. Music has thrusted Gettoblaster into the thrilling scenes of Paris, Amsterdam, Poland and London,
but they remain steadfast in their roots, paying homage to the sounds of Detroit techno and Chicago house at every turn of this crazy ride. Deep into their We Jack U.S. tour and on the brink of infiltrating the music festival circuit, Gettoblaster is about to be the name on everyone’s lips.