FJAAK have really made a name for themselves over the last half a decade. Having grown up together in Spandau on the outskirts of Berlin, they began making music together early before they moved to techno. FJAAK first cut their teeth in electronic music by organizing illegal raves in and around Berlin, which eventually led them to run their own techno series, Machine Vibes. Based on all hardware setups and vinyl-only sets, the series took them not only to clubs beyond the German capital’s borders but all over Europe, steadily growing their reputation and fanbase.

2014 marked the turning point of FJAAK’s career, when 50Weapons bosses Modeselektor decided to take them under their wings. The collaboration saw them release five EPs on the label within 18 months, while incessantly travelling the world. In 2017, they released their self-titled debut full length on Modeselektor’s main imprint, Monkeytown Records; and, earlier this year, they returned with another full-length effort, this time via their own FJAAK imprint, combining the energetic peak-time sound with sophisticated breakbeat arrangements and atmospherically dense ambient textures.