Raised in a small Appalachian town on the West Virginia border, Diamondstein now lives in Los Angeles, where he's been a constant fixture on NTS Radio as the host of "Night Shift". His monthly show is a sort of audio accompaniment to the artwork of Edward Hopper and the flashing fluorescent signs of truck stop adult bookstores, and typically features everything from heavy and fast techno, to ambient piano expressions, to black metal. His guests are equally as diverse and have included the likes of Headless Horseman, Marie Davidson, Deafheaven, DNTEL, Code Orange, and Pictureplane, Disasterpeace, and many more.

Diamondstein's releases include 2016's post-vaporwave classic 'The Ridges' on Dream Catalogue, two collaborative projects with fellow vaporwave stalwart Sangam, last year's sprawling 'Reflecting on a Dying Man' on Doom Trip Records, and a 2020 remix compilation called "American Electric" featuring The Album Leaf, Simian Mobile Disco's Jas Shaw, How To Dress Well, a more. All his releases share a cinematic and oftentimes brooding quality, having been described as "the perfect soundtrack to the dark underbelly of a melancholic future dystopia tinged with just the right amount of doomed romance."