Envisioned and created by Sebastian Mullaert, Circle Of Live represents an organic process which aims to detach itself from the habitual routines of dance music, to allow the weird and wonderful elements of collaborative performance to truly come to life. Utilizing Sebastian’s unique live set-up which can accommodate any number of participants at once, artists drop in and out and collaborate as much or as little as they like.

Detroit legend Amp Fiddler is no stranger to live performance. A member of Parliament Funkadelic for over 10 years, the keyboardist has been important player for an entire generation of Soul and R&B artists, and most recently electronic music. Prince, Moodyman, A Tribe Called Quest have all worked with the storied musician.

Mathew Jonson has one of the most inimitable styles in the world of underground dance music. His signature live performances occupying a unique middle-ground between delicate textural beauty and fierce techno hypnotism.

German Techno emissary VRIL will be joined the fold for the first time. An eminent live performer known for deep, dubwise techno, his music has appeared on Delsin, Semantica, and others.

"The main intention with Circle of Live is to inspire people to improvise; let their life be an improvisation; a spontaneous expression of life. In one perspective this is a concept with clear visions and definitions but at the same time the core aim of the project is to allow both us, the artists, and the audience to drop concepts and habitual patterns in the creative process of dance and music." - Sebastian Mullaert