It might not be what you expect for a DJ synonymous with fast, hard, and heavy techno, but according to Chris Liebing, he’s always been something of a slow starter. “I’ve wanted to do something like Burn Slow all my life,” he says. Aiming to go beyond his hard techno practice, Liebing opted to seek out new harmonic territory, taking aim at the heart rather than the feet. The result is the slow burn of Burn Slow ; a minimalist electronic epic and start of a new chapter for one of German techno’s leading authorities.

Chris always stood and still stands for solid Techno on the deeper side of the musical spectrum. Being a kid from the 80s and growing up with Synth Pop bands like Depeche Mode and electronic dance acts like Nitzer Ebb amongst many others, his musical background also contains the melancholy, the vocals and the melodies from this era, which he increasingly blends into his current sets. People who exclusively know him for his fast and unrelenting Techno sets of the past might be surprised about those new facets he is adding to his at all times dynamic sound.

Liebing, for the past 25 years, has channeled his passion to the performance, production, distribution and broadcasting of music on a global level. His DJ sets continue at full tilt - sonic journeys between darkness and light, always far from the beaten tracks of the musical mainstream.