Brian Gillespie b2b Marshall Applewhite


You can’t talk Detroit records and not mention Brian Gillespie. You may know him best for his work with The Detroit Grand Pubahs and the Detroit classic “Sandwiches” (Throw). At one point you’ve probably danced to a Starski and Clutch anthem (“East to West”or ”Belle Isle Players”). But those that really know Detroit music, remember him for the infamous Poor Boy parties he threw at the historic Packard Plant, his over 6 year residence at the legendary Motor Lounge, a force behind Family Funktion, and the multiple record labels he has formed through the years including: Twilight 76, Databass, Throw, Juke Trax, D.E.T. Only, and most recently YoSucka!. He is respected as a collector of music with an eclectic taste ranging from Detroit funk, jazz, boogie and hip hop to ghetto tech, electro, techno and bass. His passion and knowledge for all aspects of music is what has set him apart through the decades. Gillespie is truly the definition of Detroit hustle.

Detroit based producer/DJ, Marshall Applewhite is a man of many hats. His aliases include OktoRed, Cocky Balboa, Star Machine and Secret Shower, to name a few. His sound is what one may call tangential, diverging from expected norms and keeping true to the essence of the futurist movement from which techno originates. One can expect to find nuance in his live set, setting a mood or feeling with flaunting tempos, in deep contrast to many of his genre’s formulaic counterparts. His sound, albeit jarring at times, encompasses the gritty nature of the city he was brought up in. Slow low, acrid, low frequency soundscapes are all apart of what makes Applewhite unique in an overpopulated world of generic music. With a slew of releases out on Detroit Underground, How To Kill, Clan Destine, Scuffed, Late Nite Munchie, Colundi and his own labels YoSucka! and Junted, as well as sample packs for both and Splice, Marshall is showing no sign of slowing down. If edm is drug music, Marshall Applewhite is the anti drug. Every 16 year old on molly would run from this stuff. Every person who understands underground dance music though, they will get it, they will love it.