DJ Al Ester has been going strong on the Detroit dance scene for close to three decades now. His first paid gig was at the tender age of 13, before he fully understood what blending music was. He landed his first residency at the age of 19 at Cheeks, a legendary hot spot on the northwest side of the city. His popularity only grew and grew from there. He played the very first Detroit Electronic Music Fest back in 2000 and has shared the decks with some of dance music's biggest names internationally; Carl Craig, Derrick May, Delano Smith, Jeff Mills, Osunlade, and Ricardo Villalobos, just to name a few. Seeing him play is just as exciting as his sound as he literally becomes the music.

Earl is a 35+ year DJ veteran simply starting as an elementary audio/visual aid and Radio Speech product of Detroit's Mumford High School made famous by the heralded "Mumford Phys. Ed T-Shirt" worn by Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop....House music then captured him. The Native unsung house music hero of his hometown, he is a 3rd year resident at Detroit Hot spot M!X Bricktown (L!V) in downtown Detroit. He has current remix projects on Legendary DJ Terry Hunter's label T's Box Records while founding the new conglomerate, The Sonic Natives (Detroit/Boston/Chicago). Earl is working on more music projects coming from his new label Restless Native Werks and he has regular performances in Chicago, ever increasing yearly events in Atlanta and recent appearances in Dallas and Las Vegas.

He was inspired by and has shared booths with great DJ friends including Allan Ester Delano Smith...Mike Clark...Norm Tally....Stacey Hale…Jeff Mills as well as techno founders Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May & Eddie Fowlkes among countless others but his official birth moments came from historical L'uomo Detoit while witnessing the late great Ken Collier and the Historic Detroit Hot Spot Cheeks almost before he was old enough to drink!

Earl McKinney continues to prove his DJ prowess nationally and worldwide while continuing to elevate his status at many festivals and events in the local house music scenes ( his 1st love). He is a beast on any medium but vinyl is where his skill and longevity in the game are at its best.